Monday, April 16, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

So I was just tooling around a friend of mine's myspace page and came across a video by Avril Lavgine named "Girlfriend"

Is it wrong that I really like this song?

I mean come on, I listen to stuff like Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera, and Mudvayne. Why am I getting into the teeny bop shit. Is the world about to freaking explode.

Well if it is guess I'll die rocking out to a really hot chick (thank god Brittney doesn't know about this blog) rocking out only like really hot chicks can.


Avitable said...

AHA! I will remember this.

WeaponM said...

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Gene said...

"Is it wrong that I really like this song?"


WeaponM said...

Damn you Gene

Damn you!

Shawn said...

I'd do her in the butt!